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StanDesk hight adjustable stand up desk

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A hight-adjustable StanDesk is ideal for people who spend long hours in front of the computer.

Our adjustable wooden tables are light, strong, portable and can turn each table into a two-level, standing desk desk.

StanDesk, thanks to its unique design, is very simple and fast to assemble - the elements do not require any tools or screws to be put together - and at the same time very stable, solid and durable.

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Overall height: 60cm

Overall width: 79cm

Depth: 60cm

Dimensions of tops: 79x29cm

Weight: 9kg

StanDesk helps to keep ergonomic standing position, which will be appreciated by everyone whose job requires spending hours of working on the computer. TTwo independently adjustable shelves allow you to choose the optimal height - individually for the keyboard and mouse and individually for the screen allows you to take the right posture and stay with it throughout the day. It has a direct impact to better well-being of the user, and hence greater productivity, better results, more energy and, above all, improved health and condition of the spine.

The desk can easily hold two 24" monitors - a very popular setup among designers, graphic designers and programmers.

The stand has been designed in a minimalist style to fit into any interior giving the maximum opportunities to use space.

The correct height of the monitor is significant for the health of the cervical spine, so additionally to the StenDesk, we add a portable laptop stand that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the screen while working both standing and sitting. The laptop stand is kept in the same style - portable, simple, minimalistic.