Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade Kit is an accessory set that allows you to upgrade your camping box from BASIC to PREMIUM version by yourself. 

This set is suitable for Vacamod BASIC box. 

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Upgrade Kit is an accessory set that allows you to upgrade your camping box from BASIC to PREMIUM version by yourself. 

This set is suitable for Vacamod BASIC box. 

You just need to screw the drawer and tabletop rails in the right places and you're done - you can enjoy the PREMIUM version right away.

The KombiVan PREMIUM set includes:

• Kitchen drawer

• Two-burner stove - powered by standard cartridges with a capacity of 227g - allowing for about 2-3 hours of continuous using the burner, eeach burner has an automatic sparker,  smooth regulation of the flame, portable (possibility of using the oven outside the camping box), express cartridges replacement. ATTENTION. If the oven is not in use, the burners must be disconnected from the cartridges. It can be done removing the cartouches from the stove - there are two independent disconnecting switches.

Foldable wind curtain perfectly matched to the dimensions of the cooker and drawer for increased comfort of use and safety.

• 4 5-litre water tanks - easy to carry and give a possibility of marking canisters and dividing the water supply, e.g. into drinking water, washing water, dirty water

Water pump with LED lighting - The pump can be used as a faucet at the sink or a faucet outside the car. The pipe from the pump is inserted directly into the water tank located in the car. You can also hang it higher, heat the water on the stove and have a hot water shower!

Pull-out tabletop with a collapsable sink - in combination with a water pump, worktop and stove, we get a really useful kitchen in the campingbox. The sink has a screw-on plug, so it can also be used as a regular bowl, it can be removed from the box, it has retractable handles so it will be useful for many different purposes.

• Screws and spacers for positioning the rails in the correct places.

ATTENTION! During transport, the camping box MUST be secured, e.g. with transport straps, as shown in the pictures. The camping box is not part of the car and should be treated as cargo while driving.

Due to the numerous copies of our products, we would like to inform you that the presented products are registered utility and industrial models. Persons copying and disseminating copied products are subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment.

By purchasing original Vacamod products directly from the manufacturer or authorized representatives, you can be sure of the highest quality products and materials used, as well as the best solutions applied.

Campingboxes are shipped on pallets (finished product, ready to use). They are delivered by the forwarding company selected when placing the order in accordance with the CPT INCOTERMS 2020.

Due to the size of the shipment, the return can only be made on a pallet. In the event of withdrawal from the contract after the goods have been delivered to the customer, the customer is responsible for properly securing the goods for transport and covering the costs of return transport.

When delivering the parcel, check the condition of the parcel in the presence of the courier. If any damage is noted, a damage report should be written down with the forwarding employee, describing the damage in detail and documenting the damage as best as possible (e.g. by taking photos). These are the necessary steps to be able to pursue claims with the carrier.

Upgrade Kit