CIRCLE BASIC Slingshot Green Mirabelle


CIRCLE - a neurobalistic sling with an upper bands attachment (OTT), very handy, with a rounded shape that is pleasing both to the eye and hand. This is a special model, because the whole project was made by hand with just one tool - a pair of compass. CIRCLE does not require a wide grip, which will be an advantage for people with smaller palms. Despite the simplicity of the form, it is in no way inferior to slings with more fanciful shapes, and lies in hand as surely. Thanks to the small size it will fit even in your pocket.

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Outer width of the fork: 90mm

Inner width of the fork: 50mm

Overall height: 138mm

Thickness: 18mm

Slingshots may differ slightly from those on the pictures due to the use of natural materials (wood) and handwork.

In our opinion, each slingshot shooter should attach the bands to the slingshot himself to properly adjust the length of the bands, choose the right tension and above all, to be able to do it by himself. For this reason, along with the slingshot we send a TheraBand Gold bandset of:

4 bands 25mmx250mm + binding bands

1 leather basket

untied, which gives you the choice: double bands or single and spare set of bands.

WARNING! A slingshot is not a toy. Incorrect use can cause serious injury. Use responsibly.