KombiVan Camping box Vacamod


Attention! Orders will be processed from January 2020.

Vacamod camping system is a box which put in the trunk of a car, turns it into a mini-camper within a minute. During the trip, it serves as a storage space, a fold-out double bed, a water storage and a fully functional kitchen - ready to use right away, wherever you are.

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Vacamod KombiVan campin box comes in two versions: 118 and 111 cm width. The following table shows compatibility of each version with most popular KombiVan cars available on the market.

KombiVan camping box fits also cars that meet the following conditions:

- the narrowest place (between the rear wheel arches) is a minimum of 111 cm wide (version KombiVan 111) or 118 cm and more (version KombiVan 118)

- a minimum of 130 cm of flat floor measured from the trunk door towards front.

If you are not sure if this set fits your car - send a message or give us a call :)

To facilitate the carrying and installation of camping box in the car, the Vacamod KombiVan construction consists of 5 separate parts:

1. base box with dimensions: 118x66x33 cm

2. bed frame (dimensions after unfolding 118x200 cm)

3. a kitchen drawer

4. draw out table top

5. the support frame (used when we do not take the second row of seats)

In addition, the set includes:

• two-burner stove

- powered by standard cartridges with a capacity of 227g - allowing for about 2-3 hours of continuous using the burner

- each burner has an automatic sparker

- smooth regulation of the flame

- portable (possibility of using the oven outside the camping box)

- express cartridges replacement

- ATTENTION. If the oven is not in use, the burners must be disconnected from the cartridges. It can be done removing the cartouches from the stove - there are two independent disconnecting switches.

• two cartridges 227g

• 3 mattresses with dimensions of 120x66,3 cm (dimensions after unfolding 120x200 cm)

• 3 removable mattresses covers

- the fabric is easy to keep clean

- limited absorption of liquids

- resistant to abrasion and sunrays

- Recommended cleaning method: Cleaning only with mild upholstery care products. Do not wet wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

• water tank

- 20l capacity

- tap with flow regulation